Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux

About the game

Metro: Last Light Redux is the definitive version of the acclaimed "Metro: Last Light", rebuilt using the latest iterations of the "4A Engine" graphics engine. New players will have the opportunity to experience one of the best all-time based shooters; an epic and thrilling adventure that combines survival / horror, exploration and tactical combat.

This definitive version also includes all previously released DLC's by adding 10 hours bonus single-player content to the massive solo campaign. Fans of the original game will notice new features and gameplay improvements, including new melee animations, ability to check your watch and ammo supplies, and new animations.

It is the year 2034. Amid the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the tunnels of Metro, the remnants of the human race are surrounded by mortal threats from outside - and from within. Mutants roam the catacombs beneath the desolate surface and hunt through the poisoned skies above.

But instead of remaining united, Metro-city stations were locked in dispute by supreme power, a Doomsday machine funded by D6 military coffers. A civil war is beginning and can end mankind from the face of the Earth forever. As Astyom, burdened by guilt but motivated by hope, you hold the key for our survival - the last light in the darkest hour ...

Based on the international bestseller by Dmitry Glukhovsky


  • An exciting story FPS, Metro: Last Light is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Metro 2033 hit
  • An engaging combat experience with an exotic arsenal of handmade weaponry against deadly enemies - both humans and mutants - and use sneaky prowess to launch attacks wherever the darkness is
  • Explore the post-apocalyptic world of Metro Moscow, one of the most immersive and atmospheric game worlds ever created
  • Fight for every ammo and every last breath in a claustrophobic survival horror mix and FPS
  • State-of-the-art technology that boasts incredible physics and lighting that sets a unique graphic experience.

System Requirements

  • Immerse yourself in the Moscow Metro - witness one of the most atmospheric worlds in gaming brought to life with stunning next-gen visuals at 60FPS Brave the horrors of the Russian apocalypse - equip your gasmask and an arsenal of hand-made weaponry as you face the threat of deadly mutants, human foes, and the terrifying environment itself
  • Rebuilt and Remastered for next-gen - with all previous DLC content included, new modes and features, and many gameplay improvement, this is the definitive version of the critically acclaimed classic that fans and newcomers alike will enjoy
  • Two unique Play Styles: "Spartan" and "Survival" - approach the game as a slow burn Survival Horror, or tackle it with the combat skills of a Spartan Ranger in these two unique modes
  • The legendary Ranger Mode returns: Dare you play the fearsome Ranger Mode? No HUD, UI, deadlier combat and limited resources combine to create the ultimate immersive experience