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Games We Are Looking For

Nuuvem aims to offer a curated store experience offering only high quality games. It doesn’t matter if you are a single developer or a big studio, we look for the most creative and engaging experiences! We believe games don’t deserve to be thrown in within thousands of casual or weekend projects. When submitting your game, here are a few things we look for!

Engaging Narrative/Storytelling

Gorgeous Art,Music & Animations

Amazingly Fun and Innovative Gameplays

Longer Play Experiences

Coop or Competitive Elements

Getting your game on Nuuvem is easy

Multiple options to boost your game's reach

Game Keys

  • Local Pricing, Global Reach
  • Human Customer Support
  • Localized Game Pages
  • Detailed Sales Dashboard
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Nuuvem Game Player

  • Higher Share to Developers
  • Game Embedding
  • In-Game Analytics & More *
  • One Build, All Platforms
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The Nuuvem Game Player
Changes Everything

The experience

  • Full Quality Gaming

    Real gamers play full-screen!
    Run in full quality directly from your browser.

  • Zero Latency

    Games run locally on your own device.
    No lag or video artifacts!

  • Gaming from a Link

    Invite friends to play from a simple link.
    Just paste it anywhere.

Discoverability in Your Hands

The Nuuvem GamePlayer can be embedded anywhere
Just like a YouTube video

Click & Play

Just click to start playing straight from your browser or your desktop.

Distraction Free Gaming

Focus on your game not on Ads.
No extensions or add-ons required!

Play Anywhere

Play your games from any browser, be it on Windows, Mac or Linux!

In-Game Analytics *

Get deep insights and improve your game experience. All with simple API integrations. Completely free!


Gamers can play with friends by sharing a simple URL or by embedding the game anywhere they like.

In-Game Payments

Players can buy without ever leaving your game. Increase conversion new and current gamers.

Under The Hood

Nuuvem is designed exclusively for high quality game experiences employing  the latest available technologies.

  • The platform runs games based on the most modern web based standards, such as HTML5, WebGL 2.0 and WebAssembly.

    No Flash, Add-ons or Extensions

  • Games run locally and are loaded within the browser while you play!

    Access all the power your awesome rig can offer!

Know More About the Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pixel streaming? How is this better than pixel streaming?

Nope, this is not pixel streaming indeed. Unfortunately streaming still adds latency and image artifacts to games, something that we, as gamers believe can't be part of a quality gaming experience. Nuuvem’s technology is more like a hybrid model offering the best of both worlds. It's the frictionless experience from streaming services with the quality and performance of native games.

How do you make money?

Nuuvem uses the traditional revenue sharing model used by Apple, Google and Steam. We only make money when you do!

Do I need to pay anything to have my game at Nuuvem?

No, not at all! Regardless if your games are accepted, you won’t ever need to pay us anything other than the share of revenue coming from your games sales.

Can I use my own payment gateway or PayPal? What about fraud or chargebacks.

Unfortunately not. As we strive to offer a great console-like experience to gamers, we feel that allowing for outside payment methods may make the experience more confusing to users while increasing the risk of fraud. As we handle the entire payment process, you will never have to worry about things like chargebacks or fraud.

Do I set the price of my game? Can I offer F2P games?

Sure! Your game, your rules. While we will advise you on the best global pricing practices, it is up to you to decide how much to charge for your games. In case of F2P games, the only requirement is that if you offer in-game items, you sell them at the Nuuvem Store as well.

Is it possible to embed my game in websites outside of Nuuvem.com?

Yes it is! Great games need to be shown to the world, so why not embed it on your own websites or communities?

What if my game is not ready yet? Or what if it is not accepted?

We understand that gaming development is an ongoing process that can take a lot of time (great work usually does!). You may resubmit your game as many times as you want! We will also host your unfinished or yet-to-be-accepted games on the platform for free ;). The only difference is that these games will not be appear on the store catalog or on user searches, and will also not be able to collect payments until approved by the Nuuvem team.

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