BágDex - Treinador

BágDex - Treinador

BágDex - Treinador

BágDex - Treinador


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BágDex - Standard
US$ 10.00

About the game

The Treinador tier of the Crowdfunding of BágDex includes:

  • Digital copy of the BágDex game + 1 Expansion;
  • Name in credits;
  • Wallpaper + Soundtrack;
  • Access to Dumativa's Telegram and Discord group.

🏆Unlockable in Extended Goals:

Goal 1 - BRL 300,000.00:

  • Full Single Player Game;
  • Story mode with 5 different regions;
  • 151 Bágmon + New Bágmon from Supporters;
  • Battle between 2 Bágmon;
  • 50 Attack options distributed between Bágmon;
  • League with Stadium Bosses.

Goal 2 - BRL 500,000.00:

  • Battle against your friend;

  • Cities with larger explorable area;

  • New regional Bágmon variants;

  • Shimmering and Fulgent versions of all Bágmon;

  • 60 Attack options distributed among the Bágmon.

Goal 3 - BRL 750,000.00:

  • Set up, customize and upgrade your own Training Center;

  • Fishing mechanics;

  • Talent Contest and new minigames;

  • 70 Attack options distributed among the Bágmon.

Goal 4 - BRL 850,000.00:

  • New game mode, introducing the Legend of Capizilla;
  • 80 Attack options distributed among the Bágmon.

Goal 5 - BRL 1,000,000.00:

  • Procedural game mode of battles against Team K-Reta;
  • Multiplayer PvE Battle Mode;
  • 90 Attack options distributed among the Bágmon.

Goal 6 - BRL 1,250,000.00:

  • Game characters dubbed in PT-BR (Main Campaign characters and Team K-Reta);
  • Special Quests for capturing Mythical Bágmon.

Goal 7 - BRL 1,500,000.00:

  • Version of "Bágdex - The Game" for consoles.


What happens when we transform Brazilian fauna and flora into powerful and mystical creatures? BágDex is a game inspired by franchises like Pokémon and Digimon but with a Brazilian flavor, including:

  • +150 species of little monsters
  • 5 regions with unique characters, characteristics and cultures
  • Talent Show Minigames
  • A narrative about biodiversity
  • Charismatic characters

It's not just a game, it's a tribute

This project is a love letter to the culture and folklore of Brazil and all the regions that are part of it. We want to make this game with you and for you. And with a 100% Brazilian team and a strong reinforcement, we are going to make a game that all of you will be proud of.

Get ready for the Treta that arrived at the K-Reta Team

And every story has its antagonists. And this time the one who will try to stop you from fulfilling your objectives is the noisy and dancing Carreta team. So get ready for the treta.


  • Fantastic Creatures - Venture into the land of Santavera, a completely new place with great inspirations in the fauna, flora and legends of the 5 regions of Brazil.
  • Train and Bond - Create your own gym to train, care for, and even pet your Bagmons. Customize it your way and create a home for your creatures.
  • Be a Champion - Use the power of your Bagmons to take on great trainers and even walk the path of champion, defeating the powerful leaders of the Organized Cheer.

System Requirements

System requirements to be confirmed.