Big Boss Bundle

Big Boss Bundle

Big Boss Bundle

Big Boss Bundle


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My Name is a Legend

My Name is a Legend

US$ 2.99
Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself

US$ 12.99
Nothing can Stop me

Nothing can Stop me

US$ 14.99
Snake Skin

Snake Skin

US$ 19.99

About the game

The Big Boss Bundle tier of the Crowdfunding for Songs for a Hero 2 includes:

  • Digital Copy of the game Songs for a Hero 2;
  • Name in the credits;
  • Digital Game Soundtrack;
  • Digital Wallpaper;
  • Season Pass - Songs for a Hero 2;

  • Digital Copy of the game Songs for a Hero: Definitive Edition;

  • Digital Copy of the game Shieldmaiden;

  • Dumativa's Discord Founder's Tag;

  • Digital ArtBook Songs for a Hero 2: March of Malachi.

🏆 Unlockable on Community achievements:

  • Digital Wallpaper Extra (16:9, 4K and 9:16);
  • Digital Artbook Songs for a Hero: Definitive Edition;

  • Community Skins Pack;
  • +1 DLC (Community will vote).


Songs for a Hero 2 is a 2D musical platform game, which follows up on the innovative first game: a game in which the character sings all of your actions. And now, 8 years after the crowdfunding campaign that would create one of the most iconic and recognized gaming projects in Brazil, we present to you a new adventure: March of Malachi. A completely original story, with a new hero, new singers, new mechanics and bringing more of what made the first game so iconic: a soundtrack that is dynamically sung in real time.

A new story, new allies and new voices.
A new world that lives in the shadow of the memory of a once prosperous king, that has been mysteriously dethroned by a ruthless tyrant who rules through fear and brute force. But when the world needs saving most, legends from the past bring forth a new Hero. Experience a new chapter of this saga with a brand-new hero and his many allies, each one of them with their own singing voice. Unravel the mysteries behind the new Hero, help him develop his skills, fight iconic bosses and face Malachi's terrifying army!


Musical Engine 2.0
In Songs for a Hero 2, the musical experience is dramatically amplified and improved, allowing the player to get instant musical feedback with every action taken during gameplay. That is, the whole world will sing to you during the adventure. Here are some of the improvements and new features of the upgraded Musical Engine:

  • Objects and Enemies will now react to music instruments and rhythms;
  • Two or more characters singing on the same level, which makes for a more engrossing narrative;
  • Dynamic musical arrangements that will respond to the Hero and his surroundings;
  • Epic and theatrical boss battles with both the Hero and the Bosses singing and interacting musically;
  • Exploration of new musical genres, each one associated with a character and its narrative arc.

A new 2D and 3D pixel art world

In this new adventure, the Hero will also travel through several different locations, finding easter eggs, solving quests and traversing unique and enchanting landscapes, while unlocking the locations of the map.

  • Travel through diverse levels that mix 3D and 2D art, all with vibrant and detailed pixel art;

  • Get ready to face colossal animated bosses with mixed 2D and 3D animations in a thrilling musical bossfight;

  • Find lost scrolls and artifacts through the levels and unveil the story behind Malachi's Invasion;

  • Uncover the secrets of these worlds through visual clues and environmental storytelling.

System Requirements

System requirements to be confirmed.