Magistrike - Explorador de Dungeons

Magistrike - Explorador de Dungeons

Magistrike - Explorador de Dungeons

Magistrike - Explorador de Dungeons

US$ 40.00

About the game

The "Explorador de Dungeons" tier in the "Magistrike" Crowdfunding includes:

  • Game key (PC)
  • Name in the credits
  • Access to the game's Beta
  • Wallpaper + Official Soundtrack
  • "Explorer" Badge on Discord
  • Reserve your in-game Nickname


🏆Unlockable in Stretch Goals:

Stretch Goal 1: R$400,000 - Base Game

  • Base game

  • 12 characters and 6 primary elements at launch (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Darkness, and Light)

  • 12 cards per element, a total of 72 cards

  • 2 types of random dungeons to explore

  • Matches with guests (Friends and Foes!): Create your room, share your live code, invite whoever you want to play together!


Stretch Goal 2: R$500,000 - Ranked Matches

  • Cards can be traded among players!

  • Ranked Matches!

  • +2 cards for each element, a total of 84 cards

  • Dual characters of Fire+Air and Air+Earth, which can use decks with two different elements!


Stretch Goal 3: R$700,000 - Community Marketplace

  • In-game market where players can buy and sell everything among themselves using real money: their cards, items, emotes, characters, and more!

  • Original soundtrack composed by Dumativa studio

  • More Dual Characters: Fire+Water and Water+Earth

  • Another +2 cards for each element, a total of 96 cards

  • Greater variety of enemies in dungeons

  • +1 type of random dungeon to explore


Stretch Goal 4: R$1,000,000 - Full Voice Acting

  • Characters with voices! Listen to the Magistrike mages shouting their elemental spells at the top of their lungs!

  • New class: Elemental Heir! A new character with spells that combine two elements - Water + Air - to use ice abilities!

  • 8 exclusive cards for the Ice element

  • New Dual Character: Light + Darkness


Stretch Goal 5: R$1,250,000 - Magistrike Mobile

  • Dungeons in the palm of your hand: a version of Magistrike specially developed for mobile devices!

  • New Elemental Heir: Poison! (Water+Darkness)

  • 8 exclusive cards for the Poison element

  • New Dual Character: Fire+Darkness


Stretch Goal 6: R$1,500,000 - Magistrike on Consoles

  • Console version! Explore Magistrike dungeons on your PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox!

  • New Elemental Heir: Lightning! (Fire+Air)

  • 8 exclusive cards for the Lightning element

  • +6 alternate characters to unlock: One for each base element (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Darkness, and Light)



Choose your wizard, assemble your deck, and enter the dungeon. Your goal? Survive and make it out alive! Magistrike is a multiplayer roguelike where you explore dungeons using your elemental abilities to fend off various enemies, including other players! Form alliances or face the dangers alone, but know that your sole objective is to come out alive!

  • An online roguelike where dungeons are randomly generated: every match is unique!
  • A new concept in the extraction genre: enter the dungeon. Survive. Exit the dungeon!
  • PvPvE: form guilds, battle against other players, or explore everything on your own. Play your way.
  • Choose your wizard and adapt the character to your own style of play.
  • Build decks and define the abilities of each character.


  • A NEW EXTRACTION GAME: It's not enough to simply enter the dungeon; you need to make it out alive! Collect as much loot as possible, but know that the only way to keep it is to pass through the portal before time and your life run out!

  • ONLINE ROGUELIKE: A challenging yet rewarding game: Magistrike's dungeons are generated randomly, so each match will bring different paths, dangers, and challenges! Your goal is to make it to the end alive, and there's no mercy in these dungeons: if you die, you lose everything and start over.

  • MULTIPLAYER YOUR WAY: Explore the inhospitable environments of dungeons, facing monsters and all types of bosses. Form alliances with other players to overcome challenges or take on everything alone by confronting other players.

  • BUILD YOUR SKILL DECK: Choose a wizard and build your deck with hundreds of skill cards. Cast spells of fire, water, earth, air, light, and darkness. Deal damage to enemies, heal allies, buff your stats. It's YOUR deck!