Not all nightmares are just dreams...

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Asleep: Ato I

In the first episode, experience the story of Ana Lúcia, a girl who finds herself alone in an empty house, where her only vague memory is of a nightmare that relentlessly haunts her, repeating every time she falls asleep.

Asleep: Complete Edition

Secure the FULL story of Asleep by purchasing all episodes at once for a special price. Keys will be made available as episodes are released.

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Are you ready for a nightmare you've never dreamed before?

Asleep is a 2D classic point-and-click psychological horror adventure set in the Brazilian Northeast of the 1990s. Players will experience the story of Ana Lúcia, a girl lost in her nightmares and immersed in a disturbing reality.

Use lighting or lose your sanity

Rely on your flashlight and the environment's lighting to survive. Use light to attract or avoid enemies. Hide from monsters and avoid staying in the dark for too long, or Ana Lúcia's sanity will deteriorate, making her anxious and attracting more dangers.

Explore the haunting environments of this nightmare

Combining realistic pixel art and fluid animations to build a unique artistic style, Asleep features oppressive environments that, along with the game's dark and melancholic soundtrack, will make players feel the horrors of the protagonist's journey firsthand.

- Features -

Lighting system to protect and/or attract enemies
Health system based on the protagonist's sanity
Stealth mechanics for exploring more dangerous environments
Travel between two versions of the game's universe, discovering an even darker and more hostile side of it
Classic and innovative puzzles with unique mechanics
Collect documents, items, and clues to unravel the dark mysteries of the plot
Dense narrative with some choices and collectibles that can unlock secret memories
Narrative divided into episodes that will be released periodically

- System requirements-




Windows 7 or later

Intel i5

Nvidia 450 GTS


1 GB available space

Version 9.0c






We are an independent game studio driven by the passion for nostalgic and immersive gaming experiences. We strongly believe that games are a powerful tool for creating unique experiences capable of changing people and making the world a better place. That's why we travel to the ends of the universe if necessary, through portals and inter-dimensional black holes in search of new experiences for everyone, always creating games that can teach you something while you keep your focus on having fun!


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