Privacy Policy

Nuuvem Portal

As part of the Portal’s Terms of Use and Conditions of Navigation, this Privacy Policy document aims to establish rules regarding the collection, use and storage of data and information gathered from visitors, as well as a record of their activities. 

1 Definitions

1.1 For purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions shall apply:

Nuuvem: NUUVEM JOGOS DIGITAIS S.A., corporate legal entity registered with the CNPJ/MF (Ministry of Finance National Corporate Taxpayers Register) No. 17126332 / 0001-10, with its headquarters at 8445 Avenida das Américas, Suite 905, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, ZIP Code 22793-081.

Cookies: Files sent via the Portal’s server to Users’ computers in order to identify their computer and access their data, such as navigated pages or clicked-on links, enable the Portal to customize Users’ navigation on it, in accordance with their profile.

IP: Abbreviation of Internet Protocol. This is a set of characters, often numeric, which identifies Users’ computer on the Internet.

Logs: Record of Users’ activities while navigating the Portal.

Portal: This indicates the Nuuvem Portal, made available by Nuuvem and accessible to Users at "".

Session ID: Information used to allow access to the Portal.

User(s): Person/persons that holds/hold, a valid account on the Portal and who accesses/access or interacts/interact with the activities offered.

Visitor: Every person who accesses the Portal.

Web beacons: Programming lines on HTML pages that are intended to obtain navigation details of User: how long he or she remained on the Portal, which address he or she visited, etc.

2 Collection of data and information

2.1 Data and information will be collected when User voluntarily enters information while using the Portal, during interaction with the tools and interfaces of Users’ devices, frequency of access, contact via available access channels, or via cookies when Users access the Portal.

3 Data storage and information

3.1 All data and information collected from Users will be incorporated into the Portal’s database.

3.2 The collected data and information will be stored in a secure environment, observing the state of the available means, and shall only be accessed by qualified personnel authorized by Nuuvem.

3.3 Given that no security system is completely secure, Nuuvem shall not be held liable for any damages and/or losses resulting from failures, viruses or invasions of the Portal’s database, except in cases in which it (Nuuvem) acted intentionally or negligently.

4 Use of Data and Information

4.1 Data and information collected from Users may be used for the following purposes:

a) Answer any questions and requests by User;  

b) Comply with any legal or court order;

c) Establish, defend or exercise normal rights within a judicial or administrative ambit;

d) Ensure the security of Users and administrators;

e) Keep Users’ and administrators’ registrations updated for future contact via email, telephone or other means of communication;

f) Enrich Users’ database in order to customize services, offer better customer service, promote the Portal and develop new products;

g) Promote the service and its commercial and non-commercial partners, and provide information concerning new opportunities and benefits for User;

h) Generate analyses and studies, whether statistical or identifiable, based on tool-use and Portal behavior;

i) Optimize User’s interactive experience during navigation on the Portal, as well as the other tools and platforms released by Nuuvem; and

j) Enhance the Portal’s features, as well as other tools and platforms released by Nuuvem and/or its commercial or non-commercial partners relating directly or indirectly to the Portal or its environment and purposes.

4.2 The database formed by Nuuvem through collecting data from the Portal shall not be sold, assigned, transferred, rented to or shared with third parties for any purposes not foreseen in this Privacy Policy.

4.3 The use of the database shall be restricted to companies of Nuuvem’s same economic group or business partners, respecting the necessity to which they are submitted, their relevance for the Portal’s goals and Users’ interests, whose privacy shall always be preserved.

4.4 If User stops using the services offered through the Portal, Nuuvem may, for auditing purposes and preservation of rights, keep User’s data registry and information for as long as it deems appropriate, unless it is required to keep them for a longer period of time for legal reasons, court or authority order. It also has the right to delete them permanently as it sees fit, in accordance with the law.

4.5 User may ask Nuuvem for his or her data registries, or he or she may ask for their modification or deletion.  User should contact Nuuvem via the means provided by the Portal to request these measures. User’s data deletion request shall be met after the statutory period of limitation expires regarding any legal evidence that may be required. 

5 Activity log

5.1 Using registries, Nuuvem can record all activities performed by Users in the Portal by means of logs, including:

a) User's IP address;

b) User’s activities in the Portal;

c) Messages, alerts and documents available to User while using the Portal;

d) Tools and features accessed by User;

e) Dates and times of each activity and access to each Portal tool;

f) Information about the device used by User, the version of its operating system, its browser, and other apps and software;

g) Session ID, when available; and

h) Other information necessary for his or her proper authentication.

5.2 The records mentioned in item 5.1 may be used by Nuuvem as evidence in cases of illegal activities, those contrary to the Terms of Use, or undue changes to its systems and records, or activities that may jeopardize the platform and/or the Portal and its Users.

6 Cookies and other technologies for gathering data

6.1 The Portal can make use of cookies to gather data, and it is up to Users to configure their Internet browser if they want to block them. In such case, some Portal functions may be limited.

6.2 The Portal may also use web beacons to collect behavior data of Users while browsing the pages, where the installation of files in the equipment may not be necessary.

6.3 Other technologies may be used for gathering User navigation data, but always respecting the terms of this Policy and User options regarding its collection and storage.

7 General Provisions

7.1 The provisions in this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time, and it is up to Users to always check the Policy when they access the Portal.

7.2 Via the means of communication available on the Portal, Users should contact us if they have any questions about the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

8 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

8.1 This Privacy Policy shall be interpreted according to Brazilian law, in Portuguese, and the Court of the District of Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro shall be the venue for settling any dispute, question or supervening concern, to the exclusion of any other venue, no matter how convenient it may be. 


Update: April 07th, 2021