Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

S/ 49.33

About the game

Far Cry 3 takes the players to the skin of Jason Brody, a man alone in the confines of the world, trapped in a mysterious isolated tropical island of civilization. In this wild paradise where illegality and violence are the only certainty, players will determine when, where and how the events of the game unfold. Players will cut into pieces, displace, detonate and shoot their way across the island in a world that has lost all sense of right and wrong.

Discover the dark secrets of a lawless island ruled by violence and take the fight to the enemy as you try to escape. You’ll need more than luck to escape alive!


  • AN OPEN WORLD FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER: Create your own FPS adventure. Customize your weapons, your skills and your approach to each mission, whether you favor intense run-and-gun action, stealthy close-up takedowns or long-range sniping.
  • AN ISLAND OF DANGER AND DISCOVERY: Explore a diverse island playground, from mountain ranges and swampy grasslands to white sandy beaches. Discover relics, hunt exotic animals, play mini-games and travel quickly by land, sea or air. Fight your way through the island’s towns, temples, river ports and more!
  • UNCOVER A MEMORABLE STORY AND AN INSANE CAST OF CHARACTERS: Encounter an engaging and disturbed cast of characters as you take a gritty journey to the dark side of humanity, written by a Writers Guild Award winner.
  • USE THE MAP EDITOR TO CREATE AND ACCESS NEW CONTENT: The powerful and easy-to-use Far Cry® Map Editor is back, with new and improved features. A community of mapmakers ensures a constant stream of all-new content with the very best being showcased for the whole world to enjoy. Using the included tools, you too can make amazing maps, quickly and easily.
  • CUTTING-EDGE GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY: Far Cry® 3 is being developed by the world-class game designers who brought you such critically acclaimed titles as Assassin’s Creed® 2, Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood, and World in Conflict®.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista ou 7
  • Storage: 15 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6700 2.6GHz ou AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ 3.0GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: NVidia GT8800 ou AMD Radeon HD2900 (512MB) *
  • DirectX: 9.0c


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista ou 7
  • Storage: 15 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-530 / AMD Phenom II X2 565+
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: NVidia GTX480 ou AMD Radeon HD57700 (1GB) *
  • DirectX: 11

Additional notes:

Placas de vídeo onboard ou chipsets gráficos de laptops/notebooks podem funcionar mas NÃO são oficialmente suportados.