Tiny Witch

Tiny Witch

S/ 22,10


In Tiny Witch, you are a little witch in charge of a magical shop located in a town full of dungeon masters. Activate your spells, unlock new recipes, and prepare the best minions in time to avoid bothering your customers.


  • Mixing and Crafting Minions: Create resources by mixing them in the mortar or boiling them in the cauldron, then craft minions by mixing the magical resources on your alchemy table!
  • Clients and Consequences: Deliver the requested minions to the clients or face the consequences! Different types of clients have varying temperaments and willingness to give tips. Serving them is the key to the longevity of your humble witching establishment.
  • Expansion and Experience: Purchase new resources, mortar and much more to improve your shop! There are different phases, such as a phase where you can buy decorations, pets, and add new worktables. Operate your minion crafting shop during days and nights in a forest, a cave, and a desert - venture forth in this world with your little witch.