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The sun froze...
The world has succumbed to Wildfrost. Now, Snowdwell and his survivors are the last hope against eternal winter... Create a deck with cards of powerful helpers and elemental items. Fight your way to the Temple of the Sun and purge the winter enemies once and for all!

Start your journey by choosing a tribe leader, each with random abilities and stats, and forge your way through the unforgiving icy lands.

Rescue and recruit frozen companions along the way, discover lost treasures, and spend the loot you earn on traveling merchants. The decisions you make and the routes you choose during each game will help create a powerful and unique deck that you can use every time you play.

Get a huge variety of cute but powerful helpers, as well as items and other cards useful in battles. Experiment with different elemental card combinations to find your winning formula.

Your minions aren't just expendable minions to deal damage. Upgrade and customize your favorite cards with charms to increase their powers, making your deck even more powerful (and adorable)!

Stay one step ahead with the dynamic tally system: plan your next move to repel the wintry enemies. Although Wildfrost's battles are turn-based, the cards don't attack every round. Instead, there's a counter that displays the amount of turns until they can autoplay!

Keep an eye on enemy monster counters to plan the perfect move. Want to improve your teammates? Stop an enemy attack? Speed ​​up your own counter to wreak havoc quickly? It's up to you to use strategy to turn the tables.

Need to rest? Seek shelter in the welcoming town of Snowdwell. Here, the survivors use the power of Luminice, a giant piece of hot ice, to keep themselves warm.

Progress through the game and return to the city between matches to expand it. Construct buildings such as a Pet Shop, an Inventor's Workshop, and more! These new areas will allow you to unlock fun and useful things to use in your adventures, such as cards, tribes, cosmetics, challenges and events.

Do you think the Ice Guardian has been defeated? Enjoy matches and daily challenges to keep playing even after you beat the cold! Test your skills and improve your score!


  • Create a perfect and unique deck!
  • Recruit cute helpers, elemental items, and equip powerful amulets to help you fight the Wildfrost
  • Choose a leader from among the many available tribes, each with random abilities and properties
  • Master the dynamic counting system and strategize
  • Expand and develop the town of Snowdwell between matches
  • Download cards, events, customization options and more!
  • Daily matches and challenges to never stop playing

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/10/11
  • Storage: 2 GB
  • Processor: 4GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: 2GB
  • DirectX: 10