Fighter Royale - Last Ace Flying

Fighter Royale - Last Ace Flying

Fighter Royale - Last Ace Flying

Fighter Royale - Last Ace Flying


About the game

FIGHTER ROYALE – LAST ACE FLYING is an arena style, air combat game of WWII dogfighting. You and up to 100 other players compete for supremacy in an expansive, 50 km world filled with opportunities to upgrade your plane and weapons, and tangle with other pilots. As the game progresses, the air combat space slowly shrinks, forcing players into close proximity and resulting in wild and unpredictable dogfights until eventually only one pilot remains: The Last Ace Flying!

The stage for this bogie wonderland is a South Pacific themed island chain, filled with volcanoes, narrow canyons, steep cliffs, military installations and an armada at sea gunning for you is designed to increase the intensity of the dogfights. Maximize your points total by taking out a bomber sortie or torpedoing an enemy battleship- the game world is full of juicy air, ground and sea targets- but the real challenge will be the other player pilots, and the innovative shrinking combat space ensures that players can’t simply avoid conflict- as the combat zone gets smaller you must engage the enemy to survive.

This isn’t just a dogfight… this is Fighter Royale!


  • Games are built into approximately 20-minute segments where everyone starts together, similarly equipped and resourced, and a battle to the end ensues until only one pilot remains the Last Ace Flying!
  • You will see a fence around the perimeter of the environment. While giving plenty of space to maneuver and explore initially, over time, the fence will shrink and  force all pilots towards the inevitable final showdown. No big deal at first, but this mechanic leads to some amazing dog fights toward the end of the session and keeps players from simply hiding out and winning through attrition.
  • We have built an arena that is set in the South Pacific.  It’s gorgeous and filled with a variety of buildings, vehicles and ships that can be destroyed for points.  While it’s a blast to go around blowing up ground targets - and it’s important for points gathering, keep your eyes open! If you develop target fixation on destroying ground targets you may find yourself in another pilot’s crosshairs.
  • Power-Ups:  The sky will be filled with different parachutes. Catch their cargo in flight. They are the key to arming your plane with Rockets, Torpedoes, Chaff, Radar and enhanced Bullets that will let you evade or deal  more damage. You are going to want to learn how to pick-up Torpedoes and Rockets to take out some larger, higher value targets as their defenses can shred you quickly.
  • Airplane Upgrades: Look for large Gold Tokens. Some can be found on the ground, others from parachutes and the best ones can only be found behind the bombers that occasionally overly the arena.  Fly through a medallion to change your plane type. There are five different tiers of planes identified by roman numerals. Players who can upgrade their planes early have a distinct advantage. So keep your eyes up for Gold Tokens and get them before other pilots beat you to it!
  • Points System: Beyond your health bar, keep an eye on your Points Count. Kill enemies and destroy objects to boost your points. If your count drops too low, you will eventually be eliminated due to low scores.
  • Destructible Targets: We have added targets that can be destroyed and add to your point count. Objects like ships, buildings, air balloons and vehicles can all be destroyed and they also unlock numerous achievements that can be seen by visiting the website.  Exercise caution as they may put up a fight that can take out even the best of pilots.
  • Tutorials: Many players skip tutorials, but we created some bite-sized tips, especially for new players. Check them out in game as they may give some insights into some of the new developments we covered below.  You can find them in the “How to Play” tab in game.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 [64 bits]
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Processor: CPU Intel i3 [2.2 GHz]
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9xx + 9xxM [2 GB] / AMD Radeon RX 200 [2GB]
  • DirectX: 11