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As an integral part of the Portal's Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions, this document, known as the Privacy Policy, aims to establish the rules on obtaining, using and storing the data and information collected from visitors, as well as recording their activities.

1 Definitions

1.1 For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following definitions apply:

Nuuvem: NUUVEM LTDA., enrolled with the CNPJ under No. 17.126.332/0001-10, with principal business office at Rua Lauro Muller, 116, Sala 503 (parte), Botafogo, in the city of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Zip Code 22290-160.

Cookies: Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) by the web browser while you visit our website. They contain information that the site can use to personalize your experience and facilitate navigation, keeping track of your visits and activities. Cookies can be "session" cookies, which are temporary and disappear when you close your browser, or "persistent" cookies, which remain on your device for a set period of time or until they are manually deleted.

IP: short for Internet Protocol. It is a set of characters, often numeric, that identifies Users' computers on the Internet.

Logs: records of User activities carried out on the Portal.

Portal or Platform: means the Nuuvem Portal, made available by Nuuvem and accessible to Users through the domain "" or the domain "".

Publishers: Publishers are the companies that own the economic exploitation rights to the licenses for the use of electronic game software, the sale of which is intermediated by the Platform.

Session ID: information used to allow access to the Portal.

User(s): person(s) who have a valid account on the Portal and who access or interact with the activities offered.

Visitor: any person who accesses the Portal.

Web beacons: lines of programming in HTML pages whose purpose is to obtain details of the User's browsing, such as how long the Portal was open, which address was visited next, among other data.

2 Consent and Specific Consent for Cookies

2.1 It is on the basis of your consent that we process your personal data. Consent is the free, informed and unequivocal expression by which you authorize Nuuvem to process your data.

2.2 Therefore, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law - Law 13.709, your data will only be collected, processed, and stored with your prior express consent.

2.3 By using Nuuvem's services and providing your personal data, you are aware of and consent to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, as well as knowing your rights and how to exercise them. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you have agreed to all the terms and provisions set forth herein.

2.4 You can revoke your consent at any time and free of charge.

2.5 It is important to note that the revocation of consent for the processing of data may imply the impossibility of the proper performance of any functionality of the Portal that depends on consent.

2.6 Consent and Cookies: We use cookies to improve the user experience, remember your preferences, understand how you use our website and adapt the content presented to you. Some cookies are essential for the website to function, while others, known as tracking or third-party cookies, may be used to collect information about your online behavior for advertising and analysis purposes.

2.7 You have the option of accepting, refusing or customizing your cookie preferences via your browser settings. Please note that disabling certain types of Cookies may affect the functionality of the website and the quality of your experience.

3 Obtaining data and information

3.1 The data and information will be obtained when the User voluntarily enters information on the Portal, when interacting with the tools and interfaces of the Users' devices, frequency of access, contact through the available access channels or through Cookies, when Users access the Portal. The data will be obtained with the User's consent.

4 Data and information storage

4.1 All data and information collected from Users will be incorporated into the Portal's database.

4.2 The data and information collected will be stored in a secure environment, observing the state of the art available.

4.3 What do we do to keep your data safe?

To keep your personal information secure, we use physical, electronic and managerial tools geared towards protecting your privacy.

We apply these tools taking into account the nature of the personal data collected, the context and purpose of the processing and the risks that possible violations would generate for the rights and freedoms of the data subject collected and processed.

Among the measures we have adopted, we highlight the following:

              - only authorized persons have access to your personal data;

              - your personal data will only be accessed after you have given an undertaking of confidentiality;

              - your personal data is stored in a secure and reliable environment.

4.4 Nuuvem is committed to taking the best possible steps to avoid security incidents. However, it should be noted that no website is entirely safe and risk-free. It is possible that, despite all our security protocols, problems may occur that are solely the fault of third parties, such as cyber attacks by hackers.

4.5 In the event of security incidents that may generate significant risk or damage to you or any of our users/customers, we will notify those affected and the National Data Protection Authority of what has occurred, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Law.

5 Use of Data and Information

5.1 The data and information collected from Users may be used for the following purposes:

a) respond to any queries and requests from the User;

b) compliance with a legal or judicial order;

c) constitute, defend or regularly exercise rights in the judicial or administrative sphere;

d) guarantee the security of Users and managers;

e) keep Users' records up to date for the purposes of contact by e-mail, telephone or other means of communication;

f) enrich the User database in order to customize services, improve service, promote the Portal and develop new products;

g) promote the service and its partners, whether commercial or not, and inform about new opportunities and benefits for the User;

h) generate analyses and studies, whether statistical or identifiable, based on the behavior of use of the tool and the Portal;

i) improve the use and interactive experience during the User's browsing on the Portal, as well as on the other tools and platforms launched by Nuuvem;

j) improve the functioning of the Portal as well as other tools and platforms launched by Nuuvem and/or its partners, whether commercial or not, which are related, directly or indirectly, to the Portal or its environment and proposals;

k) examine that the minimum age for purchasing electronic games and other products or services sold through our website is met.

5.1.1 Data Sharing with Publishers. We may also send data related to the name, CPF - Individual Taxpayer Registration of the Treasury Department, date of birth, email address, IP address of our customers to Publishers related to the game purchased by our customer. We will not send this information to Publishers unrelated to the game purchased through our Platform.

5.1.2 Data will be sent to Publishers to the extent required by Publishers for the fulfillment of contracts made with Nuuvem or with Users. An example of a breach of contract is the delivery by Publishers of the license to use (or a link to download the license to use) electronic games purchased through the Platform. Another example is Nuuvem's need to prove the sale made through the Platform.

5.1.3 Data Sharing with Payment Companies, Gateways. Data relating to the name, CPF - Individual Taxpayer Registration number of the Treasury Department, date of birth, email address of Users and bank details may be shared with payment companies or companies that authorize payment transactions made on the Platform, commercially known as payment gateways. Data will be shared with these companies to the minimum necessary to enable them to process payments, prevent fraud, identify paying customers and comply with regulations on preventing the use of the financial system to commit crimes such as "laundering" or hiding assets, rights and values.

5.1.4 Data Sharing for Rewards arising from Collective Financing, Crowdfunding. Nuuvem periodically organizes "crowdfunding" campaigns, which do not represent financial loan deals, but rather the advance sale of rights to acquire licenses to use electronic games. The revenue from these advance sales serves the purpose of allowing electronic games to be developed before they are marketed to the general public. Some of these crowdfunding campaigns provide for the delivery of so-called "Rewards", which are physical products, usually collectible items such as miniatures of characters and elements from the electronic game, printed material or gifts in general. Rewards can also be digital. Nuuvem uses partner companies to produce and send these Rewards to participating Users.

5.1.5 In the event of participation in crowdfunding campaigns, Nuuvem may make available data such as name, CPF - Individual Taxpayer Registration, date of birth, telephone number, email address and address so that the partner company responsible for the production and/or delivery of the Rewards can deliver them to Users and comply with its legal obligations, such as issuing invoices, or for the purposes of examination on the identity of the participant who will receive the Rewards.

5.2 The database formed by Nuuvem through the collection of data from the Portal will not be sold, assigned, transferred, rented, or shared with third parties for purposes not provided for in this Privacy Policy.

5.3 Use of the database will be restricted to Nuuvem or business partners, respecting the need to which they will be submitted, the relevance to the objectives of the Portal and the interests of the Users, whose privacy will always be preserved.


5.4 If the User stops using the services offered by the Portal, Nuuvem may keep the data for legal purposes or permanently delete it at its convenience, in accordance with the law. To request the closure of the account and consequent deletion of your data from the Platform, the user must send an e-mail to or open a case via "Contact Us" in our Help Center at Nuuvem may retain the stored data even after a request for deletion, removal or transfer to the exact extent necessary for Nuuvem to comply with legal obligations, such as, but not limited to, compliance with tax obligations relating to purchases made through the intermediation of the Platform. The data to be stored will be that which is necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations and for the applicable limitation or decay period, and the other data must be deleted if so requested by the User. The data will be deleted after the decay and limitation periods mentioned above.

5.5 How can you exercise your rights as a holder?

To exercise your rights as a holder, you must contact Nuuvem through the following available means:
In order to ensure that you are correctly identified as the owner of the personal data that is the subject of the request, we may ask you for documents or other evidence that can prove your identity. In this case, you will be informed in advance.

5.6 Nuuvem's Data Controller is the person responsible for acting as the communication channel between Nuuvem, the User and the National Data Protection Authority.

5.6.1 Nuuvem's Data Controller is available to respond to any request related to the General Data Protection Law or this Policy by emailing privacy@nuuvem. com.

6 Activity Record

6.1 Nuuvem may record all activities carried out by Users on the Portal by means of logs, including:

a) User's IP address;

b) actions carried out by the User on the Portal;

c) messages, notices and documents made available to the User when using the Portal;

d) tools and functionalities accessed by the User;

e) dates and times of each action and access to each Portal tool;

f) information on the device used, operating system version, browser and other applications and software installed;

g) Session ID, when available; and

h) other information necessary for proper authentication.

6.2 The records mentioned in item 6.1 may be used by Nuuvem as evidence in cases of unlawful acts or acts contrary to the Terms of Use, this Policy or improper changes to its systems and registrations, or actions that may put the Platform / Portal and its Users at risk.

7 Cookies and other data collection technologies

7.1 The Portal may use Cookies, and Users must configure their Internet browser if they wish to block them. In this case, some of the Portal's functionalities may be limited.

7.2 The Portal may also use Web Beacons to collect behavioral data from Users visiting the pages, where the installation of files on the equipment may not be necessary.

7.3 Other technologies may be used to obtain browsing data from the User, however, always respecting the terms of this policy and the User's options regarding its collection and storage.

8 General Provisions

8.1 The provisions contained in this Privacy Policy may be updated or modified at any time, and Users are responsible for checking it whenever they access the Portal.

8.2 Users should contact us in case of any doubt regarding the provisions of this Privacy Policy through the means of communication mentioned in this Policy.

9 Applicable law and Jurisdiction

9.1 This Privacy Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law, in the Portuguese language, and the Jurisdiction of the Judicial District of Rio de Janeiro in the State of Rio de Janeiro shall be elected to settle any dispute, question or doubt that may arise, with express waiver of any other, however privileged. For legal actions initiated by consumers, the consumer may choose to file the action in the Jurisdiction of the Judicial District of Rio de Janeiro, or in the jurisdiction of the consumer's domicile, under the terms of art. 101 of the Consumer Defense Code, for civil liability actions by Nuuvem as a supplier of products and services.

Update: 03.18.2024