Bleak Sword DX

Bleak Sword DX

Bleak Sword DX

Bleak Sword DX

US$ 9.99


Authentic, chilling and wonderfully cruel, Bleak Sword DX is a dark fantasy action game that challenges warriors to fight in compact, cursed battle dioramas.

Recently updated for PC, Bleak Sword DX expands upon the acclaimed Apple Arcade version with slick controls and three new game modes, along with numerous graphical and gameplay improvements.

Over twelve tense and incredibly atmospheric chapters, you must lift the curse of the legendary Bleak Sword by slaying all manner of horrific creatures in an oppressive world, while wielding powerful weapons and magic.

This stunning experience features a soundtrack composed by award-winning Jim Guthrie and sounds developed by famed designer Joonas Turner.


  • BRUTAL NEW CHAPTERS - The DX version includes all of the original Bleak Sword chapters and all three DLC chapters, plus new level and enemy layouts.
  • AN UNPREDICTABLE ADVENTURE - A new random campaign mod drops you into a revamped version of the original game. In it, there are no guarantees of leveling up or facing bosses in order.
  • UNTOUCHABLE - Immerse yourself in the new Boss Race challenge and face the game's 12 bosses in a row, with only one life bar. One wrong step and you'll pay dearly!
  • INFINITE BATTLES - The ruthless Arena mode puts you in a true gladiatorial fight for survival. Face increasingly difficult enemies and become a legend of Bleak Sword.
  • DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY UPGRADES - New attacks, parries, and counters complement a controls system optimized for PC and consoles. In addition, an improved AI system makes enemies more unpredictable.
  • AMAZING GRAPHIC IMPROVEMENTS - New post-processing effects, adaptive depth of field, and a host of filters give Bleak Sword DX a new face. The game also gains a new layer of atmosphere and immersion with particle effects, foliage and weather improvements.

System Requirements

System requirements to be confirmed.