GUTS - Standard Edition

GUTS - Standard Edition

GUTS - Standard Edition

GUTS - Standard Edition

US$ 19.99



"In addition to the funny horror of cel-shaded characters squirming, crawling and pounding with their new amputee status, there is promising tactical content and many benefits to strategy in that line of exaggerated violence, surprisingly" - HardcoreGamer.

"A clueless game where you fight with your opponents and everyone loses body parts. This is GUTS!" - IGN Brazil.

"One of the most prominent features of GUTS is the resilience of the competitors of this futuristic show. Even losing their precious members, they continue to fight until the bitter end" - Playsource.

"GUTS can be tons of fun if you can take a joke, and it actually requires a bit of skill in order to master the fighters." - SOFTPEDIA.

"It’s a fun game, with a great sense of humor and some fantastically over the top body dismembering gameplay that would even cause Mortal Kombat to reach for a barf bag." - Alpha Beta Gamer.

"In this game loosing a limb is just a flesh wound" - 3rd Strike.

"The worldbuilding and storytelling is up there with the likes of Idiocracy; it’s stupid, but it’s a surprisingly smart and clever kind of stupid." - Geek Replay.

GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) is a hilarious, exaggerated and ultra-violent game in the best Tarantino style! In this game players need to dismember each other to win, tearing arms and legs. Lost a limb or two? Do not worry! The fight continues until one of the fighters plucks all four of the opponent's limbs and deals a final blow!

Here you do not start with the old "mimimi" of the fighting games "I do not know how to play". GUTS has been developed with a practical mechanic so you can dismember some arms and legs as you get used to the gameplay of the characters and pace of the game!


  • Extremely bloody, fast-paced and violent matches filled with limb amputations;
  • No health bar - players must dismember their opponent completely to win;
  • No fight timer - the show gets harsher as the match progresses with more hazards to escalate the stakes at the end of the bout;
  • U-Points system - used to unleash a few special movements: heal and recover a lost limb;
  • 9 playable characters and 5 different stages;
  • Story Mode: Over 9 hours of single player gameplay to reveal all GUTS Characters Stories with their 2 different endings;
  • Online Mode: Challenge players in the world in casual and ranked modes;
  • Local multiplayer: Slaughter against your friends locally;
  • Extras: Unlockables, 3D Models, Videos, etc..
  • Competitors don’t stop fighting when they lose their limbs, they change their move sets and keep fighting until they have none;
  • Moves and Special Attacks change according to how many limbs the character has left;
  • Easy to play, hard to master: gameplay created to please casual and pro players;
  • Over-the-top humor for a genuine hilarious experience;
  • Use fallen limbs as weapons;
  • Interact with deadly environments full of hazards that can cause as much harm as an opponent;

System Requirements


  • Storage: 5 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3450 / i5-3330
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics: GTX 750 2gb