Melvor Idle: Into The Abyss

Melvor Idle: Into The Abyss

Melvor Idle: Into The Abyss

Melvor Idle: Into The Abyss

US$ 4.99


A new chapter of Melvor Idle begins with Into the Abyss! Bane's defeat caused unforeseen consequences, shaking the foundations of the world. This disturbance caused a massive rupture on the planet's surface and attracted the attention of a new powerful adversary. Xon, the Abyssal King, answered the call of chaos...

Seizing the opportunity to bring his Abyssal Kingdom closer to the upper world, Xon's objective is clear: conquer the upper world with all the might of his vast and fearsome armies. You are at the forefront of this new conflict, with the monumental challenge of stopping Xon before his dark ambitions become reality!

This expansion invites you to embark on a dangerous descent into the abyss, encountering new challenges and mechanics never seen in the base game. As you delve deeper, the risks increase, and the challenges become increasingly difficult. At each stage, you will encounter unique landscapes, a new Combat challenge, and a minion of Xon, each more formidable than the last.


  • All expansion content is unlocked after defeating Bane in the base game.
  • Introduction of Abyssal Skill Levels for each base game skill.
  • Content of 60 Abyssal Skill Levels for each base game skill.
  • New content for skills to be discovered in the Abyssal Realm.
  • New "Damage and Resistance" mechanic - All Abyssal Monsters deal Abyssal Damage.
  • New Combat Skill - Corruption, exclusive to the Abyssal Realm and its content.
  • New Non-combat Skill - Harvesting, exclusive to the Abyssal Realm and its content.
  • Brand-new mechanic - Skill Trees, available for all base game Skills in the Abyssal Realm.
  • Acquire Skill Points and unlock passive and permanent bonuses!
  • New Combat Challenge - The Abyss.
  • +900 new items.
  • +100 new Monsters.
  • +20 new Pets.
  • 12 new Abyssal Combat Areas.
  • 14 new Abyssal Extermination Areas.
  • Introduction of Abyssal Strongholds in combat.
  • Skill Trees for each Skill.
  • +28 new Abyssal Magic Spells.
  • 30 new Abyssal Prayers.
  • Woodcutting - 12 new Trees.
  • Fishing - 18 new Fish.
  • Firemaking - 12 new Logs.
  • Cooking - 30 new Recipes, including a brand-new Food Modifier mechanic.
  • Mining - 15 new Nodes.
  • Smithing - 5 new Equipment classes.
  • Thieving - 16 new NPCs.
  • Fletching - 5 new Equipment classes.
  • Crafting - 5 new Equipment classes, in addition to new Rings, Amulets, and Consumables.
  • Runecrafting - New Runes and Combined Runes, along with 5 Equipment classes (with variations).
  • Herblore - +20 new Potions.
  • Agility - Brand-new and separate Obstacle Course dedicated to Abyssal content, with 12 Obstacle categories and a Pillar.
  • Summoning - 24 Summoning Familiars, with most being upgrades from the originals, including new/improved synergies for all.
  • Astronomy - 15 new Constellations.
  • Urbanism - New "Abyssal Wave" mechanic, as well as new buildings, biomes, resources, and rewards.
  • Agriculture - New Gardens, herbs, and trees, along with a new "Special" category of terrains.