Drops Program


Article 1. Drops Program. The "Drops Program" is the program of rewards program of Nuuvem LTDA ("Nuuvem"). The Drops Program allows Participants to accumulate points ("Drops") with each purchase of games for use as discounts, redemption of games and other prizes that Nuuvem will make available from time to time or for products and services of Nuuvem's Partner Companies.

Article 2. Participants. Participants" in the Drops Program are all natural persons who have purchased games through Nuuvem's platforms. Resellers of games purchased from Nuuvem and persons who have purchased games from Nuuvem consumers are not eligible to participate in the Drops Program.

  • Conditions of Participation: Other conditions for the Participant to participate in the Drops Program and be eligible to receive the rewards offered by Nuuvem are (a) have applied for inclusion in the Drops Program and adhered to these Rules; (b) keep their data up to date with Nuuvem; (c) keep an email account updated for communications with Nuuvem; (d) perform Drops redemption operations by means of personal password and through the Nuuvem Platforms; (e) never have disregarded the rules of these Rules or the terms of use of the Nuuvem Platform, as updated from time to time.
  • Participants' Obligations. Passwords to access Participant's accounts on the Nuuvem Platforms are personal, non transferable and of the Participant's exclusive knowledge, and it is the Participant's duty to keep them strictly confidential and not disclose them or allow third parties to access them. Damages arising from improper use or access by third parties to such access passwords are the sole responsibility of the Participant, unless it is proven that Nuuvem is at fault or malicious in its access by such third parties.
  • "Nuuvem Platforms", for the purposes of these Regulations, means the websites for sales of games, products and services operated directly by Nuuvem.

Article 3. Accumulation of Drops. "Drops" means the points awarded to each Participant on his or her purchases made on Nuuvem Platforms that may be redeemed for Rewards.

  • Accumulation. Drops will be awarded to each Participant according to the quantities reported on Nuuvem Platforms with each purchase of games, products or services.
  • Special Accumulations. Nuuvem may create temporary and special promotions in which the accumulation of Drops will be more favorable to Participants than customarily experienced
  • Special Accumulations. Nuuvem may award Drops to Participants in situations other than the purchase of products and services, in accordance with Nuuvem's commercial policies. Nuuvem may allow more advantageous accruals (more Drops) for customers with higher volume purchases.
  • Purchases without Drops generation. Nuuvem may elect, provided that such information is made available to the Participant at the time of purchase of the product or service, that the purchase will not generate Drops.
  • Drop Usage Expenses. As a general rule, the use of Drops to redeem discounts, products or services which do not generate balance payable in Reais will be free of expenses for the Participant, except when it involves physical shipment of products or documents to the Participant, in which case transportation expenses will be informed in advance for payment by the Participant. Special situations that require payment by the Participant for using the Drops will be informed at the time of Participant's Drop Use. When using Drops that generate balance to be paid in reais by the customer, bank and other expenses may be charged which are correlated to the payment in reais or delivery/availability of the games, products and services.
  • Drop Credit. It is a condition for Drops to be credited to the Participant that the Participant indicates his or her Nuuvem username and membership in the Drops Program when purchasing Nuuvem products and services. Purchases made in breach of this clause (e.g. later indication of username) will not generate Drops.
  • Drops Credit Period. Drops will be credited to Customer's account within seven (7) business days after viewing the keys, downloading and/or online accessing the games purchased through Nuuvem Platforms.
  • Claims Deadline. Participant's claims for non-credited Drops will only be accepted if made within three (3) months of the Drops credit deadline. Claims made after this claim deadline will not generate Drops credits.

Article 4. Validity: The accumulated points may be used for Rewards within a maximum period of twelve (12) months after they have been credited to the Participant's account. At the end of the period, the points will lose their validity and can no longer be used for rewards. Nuuvem may, at its sole commercial decision, extend the validity of the points accumulated for any period, free of charge or at a value that is previously informed and accepted by the Participant.

Article 5. Use. The "Use" or "Redemption" of accumulated Drops shall occur by using the Drops as partial or full discounts on the purchase of games, products and services sold by Nuuvem or Nuuvem Partner Companies on Nuuvem Platforms ("Rewards"). Nuuvem will inform: (a) the total number of Drops required for each of the Rewards as disclosed on the Nuuvem Platforms; (b) the amounts for partial payments in BRL if the Participant's total Drops do not allow for a Redemption of the total Drops required to purchase the Reward; and (c) any amounts charged by Partner Companies for Redemptions. The total number of Drops required for a Reward may vary from time to time, including variations within the same day, according to Nuuvem's commercial policies and promotions.

  • Usage Rules: Each redemption of Drops for use shall count the Drops accumulated by a single Participant, being expressly prohibited the sum of Drops from different Participants to make Drops Uses. Drops must be used using the tools available on Nuuvem Platforms for this purpose. 
  • All rewards for the use of the Drops will be allocated to the Participant who generated the used Drops.
  • Non-Participating Games, Products and Services. Nuuvem will make available the games, products and services that may be redeemed or purchased using the Drops. Nuuvem reserves the right to determine that certain games, products or services will not be able to be redeemed or purchased using Drops.
  • Data Maintenance. It is the responsibility of the Participant to keep his or her data updated on the Nuuvem Platform so that Nuuvem or Nuuvem's Partner Companies can deliver the games, products and services chosen when using the Drops. The time of verification that the data is up-to-date is the time of Redemption of the Drops. In case delivery of the games, discounts, products or services cannot be carried out due to an error in updating the Participant's data or due to the absence of a representative of the Participant to receive them in case of physical receipt, the Drops will be returned to the Participant's account.

Article. 6. Nuuvem Partner Companies. In addition to the Rewards offered by Nuuvem, the Drops Program may also offer products and services from "Partner Companies", i.e. legal entities other than Nuuvem that offer their products and services in exchange for Drops, provided that the exchange is done on Nuuvem's Platforms.

  • Additional Rules. If Nuuvem's Partner Companies require any registration or information from the Participant as a condition to receiving the product or service offered by Nuuvem, it is the responsibility of the Participant to meet such conditions in order to receive the products and services requested, failing which the Participant may not receive products and services from the Partner Companies.
  • Data to Partner Companies. Nuuvem will not transfer data from Participants to Partner Companies. The only exception to this rule will occur in situations where the transfer of data is necessary to enable Redemption of a product or service from a Partner Company requested by the Participant, and to the extent necessary for Redemption to occur. Except in those instances where a monetary payment is due by Participants to the Partner Companies, Nuuvem is prohibited from passing on any bank and credit card information of Participants to the Partner Companies.

Article 7. Exclusion. Nuuvem shall exclude from the Drops Program any Participant who violates the provisions of these Rules. Excluded Participants may not rejoin the Drops Program. Participants will also be excluded from the Drops Program if:

  •  cause or attempted to cause a virus infection, bug, unauthorized intervention, technical failure or malware of the Nuuvem Platforms or software sold to other Nuuvem Participants or customers;
  • request to be excluded;
  • pass away;
  • breach regulations of Nuuvem's Partner Companies;
  • provide false information to Nuuvem or Nuuvem's Partner Companies;
  • commit any fraud against Nuuvem or the Nuuvem Partner Companies.

7.1 In any of the cases of exclusion provided for in this Article 7, the Participant's Drops will be cancelled without any right to compensation or refund.

Article 8. Duration/Validity. Nuuvem reserves the right to terminate the Drops Program at any time, subject to one (1) month notice to be made available on the Nuuvem Platforms. Upon termination, all Drops purchased and not used in the Drops Program will become void, without any right to compensation or refund.

Article 9. General Provisions.

  • Situations not covered by these Rules. Any and all situations not provided for in these Regulations, as well as any omitted cases, shall be decided exclusively by Nuuvem,
  • Assignment. The sale, exchange or donation of Drops is prohibited.
  • Changes. Nuuvem may amend these Rules at any time by posting a new version on Nuuvem's Platforms.
  • Communications. Communications between Nuuvem and Participants shall be made through the emails provided by Participants in their Nuuvem accounts or through "Contact Us" channels provided by Nuuvem. All Participants shall, under penalty of communication not being considered valid, provide their username on the Nuuvem Platforms or email address registered on the Platform for communication purposes with Nuuvem.

Article 10. Adherence to these Regulations. By agreeing to these Rules, the Participant adheres to all the provisions contained herein.