Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack

Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack

Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack

Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack

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"Experience rustic rural charm in Planet Zoo: Farm Animal Pack! Bring rural beauty to your zoos and bring your visitors closer to seven animals that have lived among humans for hundreds of years and are adored by all.

Full of personality and character, this collection includes the adventurous alpine goat, known for its agile hooves and indomitable spirit, the Sussex chicken, with its energetic behavior, and the sweet and curious alpaca.

Accompanying all these exciting news, the Farm Animal Pack features over 60 pieces of traditional rustic scenery, as well as a new campaign scenario bringing back beloved characters to transform a rundown farm into a paradise for animals and visitors.


  • SEVEN AMAZING NEW ANIMALS - Welcome many social species such as the stunning Highland cattle, with their rich fur and imposing horns, the Sussex chicken, with their fun and curious nature, the agile and sturdy Alpine goat, and the elegant alpaca with their characteristic slender neck and graceful posture. This pack also features the American donkey, the Hill Radnor sheep, and the Tamworth pig. Create cozy habitats for visitors to get up close to the animals and maybe even pet them if they want! 
  • OVER 60 NEW RUSTIC AMBIENCE ITEMS - Transform your zoos with rural charm, using bales of hay as benches for visitors to relax and enjoy the view, and offering cable spools as tables for a snack. This pack also includes various picturesque fences and gates, as well as classic cast-iron water pumps, wells, wind pumps, windmills, and foliage to enhance any habitat. With this scenery and much more, offer your visitors the feeling of being outdoors, inviting each one to explore the timeless fascination of the countryside.
  • A NEW AND EXCITING CAMPAIGN SCENARIO - Embark on a transformative journey to bring new life to a neglected farm. Join the character Tiffany Summers to create a thriving animal sanctuary. Transform dilapidated barns and forgotten pastures not only into a safe and comforting environment for the animals, but into a home! Witness the beauty of healing and restoration unfold amidst the rolling fields and gentle breeze of New Zealand's countryside.

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  • OS: Windows 10 [64bit]
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  • Processor: Intel i7-4770k / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory: 16 GB
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